It started with a hum
I heard your small voice coming from your sweet lips
I heard your pain and your agony
I knew that song as well.

I observed you put your earphones on your ear,
you closed your eyes and feel its beat.
You never stopped from humming,
and so I never stopped from listening.

One tear gone down from your closed eyes.
Storm suddenly rule your atmosphere.
Hum stops…
Instead, lyrics started to reveal from your lips.

My heart skipped its beat, crushed my senses.
Your voice seemed familiar, I knew that song’s mine.
I barely couldn’t forget it.
Oh, so lovely your melody to be heard.

Puzzling out my memory,
Every harmony, every words you sing
I knew that it’s you, my love.
The voice of my man I fell in love with.

It’s been years since you sing me a song.
Years before you loved someone,
Time when it’s only you and me.
Those times when you’re mine.

I could still remember your voice
I maybe born blind, but I couldn’t forget voices.
As this train filled with noises,
my empty heart filled by your singing moment.

I knew you weren’t aware we’re sitting next to each other
But I enjoyed hearing you once again…
I have had to depart from the ride,
Although I couldn’t see you face, your voice was enough.