Hi, I don’t quite talk too much to stranger because I don’t think it’s a good thing to do but I wanted to say something. It is about you, my stranger, who turned out to be


…my builder.


You became my best friend. When life became ridiculous and breathing became a suffering for me, you chose to live with my ridiculous life instead of abandoning me as you obviously see I’m no good. You breathe the same air with me- air with full of toxic and yet you chose to inhale every air just for me to feel that I am not alone in my battle.


You showered my sky with your stars. You put back the excitement in my nights. I didn’t even see the good side in every sunset, because I assumed that it is another sign that darkness will begin again and a start of misery. I had to cry every night just keep things balanced after the happiness I experienced during the sun shines so bright high up in the sky. But you changed my perspective. You put the stars in my cloudy night and sit back with me to watch how they playfully move. You told me that each night I could be happy just like each morning. You said that it is possible to be happy twenty-four hours a day. You kissed me in my hand from one evening after another because you want me to feel that I can be a princess even the darkness rules my environment.



You turned to be my partner in everything. From the time I had to taught myself about everything in this world with full of crap because I can’t trust anyone because I firmly believe that people wouldn’t  stay for long,  I decided to do things on my own. But you volunteer yourself to take every single step with me. You know me so deeply that I cannot do all things by myself…


and yes, it is true.


And for the record, you love me after all.


This is for you, to the one who always see my sunshine, to the one who taught me to shine, who’s appreciating my abilities, and nurture my kindness. To the one who killed my negative side, and a builder of my smiles… to the one who embrace my flaws and see it as my asset, thank you.


You were once a stranger… that turned out be my hero.