He is a king, while she is a tireless adventurer.

His job is to be a mighty ruler, and she’s devoted to be a lawbreaker.

He enters in different competitions;

she never had an interest in rivalries.


He guarantees that everything must be always according to plans—

in order to earn for bliss.

On the other hand, she do believe herself that happiness can be achieved

without some things unplanned.


He is used to travel with his allies and knights at his back.

whereas she chose to take journeys by herself.

He loves to give orders to his underlings,

while she gives memories to share with others.


He is more comfortable when he wears his breastplate;

he feels manly.

And she is comfortable wearing nothing else but her

her smile in her face; she feels beautiful.


He is also a boundless dreamer

He loves recognition;

while she makes her dreams come true,

and she loves friendships.


He detached his heart to his mind in making decisions;

he is scared because his heart is sympathetic and he don’t like it to be that way.

But this woman fuse both her brain and core.

She is confident that things will work out well when considering her soul and psyche together.

Of all the contraries of their ways,

they face things that are exactly alike.


They are fond of gazing the sky each night

and appreciate those tiny dusts up there.

They embrace and the darkness;

and fathom their own solidary moments.


Both of them see the enchanting part of rainy days

they could hear the sweet sound of thunder, and found their calms during storms.

They cherish every melancholic memories,

and separately they reminisce.


They always end up feeling lost-

in the world they never craved to lived in.

They make decisions on their own,

dwelling their own battles with their quirky versions.


He is a king, who needs an adventure

who needs a queen to light everything up.

And she is an explorer, who needs no one.

Because she is hurt yet loves to get lost and be found.