In the eyes of everyone, you are a hero--
Saving lives from circumstances.
You fight others’ battle, you shed blood for what is right.
You compromise your time for those who need you
You offer your strength for folks who crave it.


Every twilight, your strength started to drain
You begin to remove your mask and cape;
Sit in front of the mirror for hours and stare at your face.
You see every bruises and wound you gained;
Touched every part of what you think is in pain.
Your tears slowly fall down because you started to feel pity for yourself

You’re weak.

Every rise, society’s assuming you to be around
They put their trust in you, their love towards you is endless.
They’re calling your name when things doesn’t go right.
They’re whispering your name when fears rule their mind;
And when they need help from the “mighty” in the land


Here comes the night again.
You... who will you call when things don’t go right?
Every nightfall, when dreads reign over you while alone,
When you’re paralyzed and the only thing you can do is wait for the dawn,
Who is able to save you from darkness that covers you?
When tragedy plays on your mind every time you close your eyes
Who will you call? Or depend on? Or tame you? Or comfort you?

No one.

But… you and your bravery.

Bravery is the reason for overcoming every celebrations and defeat
Your guts are your reasons why you keep on wearing your mask and cape,
Your fears are your inspirations—you just don’t know.
Your loneliness drives you to excitement for another dawn…
Because you love saving people.

It’s only you… and your weakness

And your weakness is your another term for compassion.
You know how it feels so you share yourself to save the fragile,
and never lets a person alone.
It is your secret armor that made you strong.


You are a hero… skin and bones.
And yes, you can save your own life…
And you are doing it every night,
You can be a hero and a human at the same time
You can cry, you can laugh and you can do zany.
You can fall. But do not assume that there’s someone to catch you from falling,
Do not be afraid to gain, so do not be afraid to lose.