When you realized that you could breathe on your own,
That is the start of living.

When you could walk in the shore, barefooted,
And sometimes look back to see your own footprints
Before the waves destroy it,
That is a start of living.

When you let go of the things
 That will make you feel comfortable;
Decline the calls of someone you used to know…
That is a start of living.

I adore the freedom of air. A traveler by nature.
It travels from south or north and then to your place.
It gets closer to your skin, moves inside your nose,
To your lungs, to your nerves.
A conqueror that manage to escape
Then goes to someone's lungs
Giving life to others once again.

Take a look on the gold.
Next to diamond,
Everything’s fine and expensive.
One of a man's precious stone could hold.
But see, someone’s discover its worth.
Gold never worked on its title.

And hey! You can be as needed as air,
You can be precious as gold.
You don't have to be in a palace
Having a tiara or a cape,
Seating next to iron men,
Or armored bodies…
With their swords on their left.

You are more than royalty.

You are an air for some.

You give life,

Be Like air,
That explores alone and
Gives life with everyone that you'll pass by,
This is living

And just like a footprint in the sand,
Leaving a temporary mark on theirs,
They will seldom look back on the time you were with them.

And just like gold,
You are one of the best piece without you being noticed.
Sometimes it's not bad to be on second.
To diamond.
Life is not about competition,
It is about living at your own race.
Enjoying your freedom, at your own pace.
This is living.