Her name seems so universal and dull,
her ways are so unruly, very unpredictable.
Her genuine laugh never grows old but rare to hear; and
her tears will make you feel uncomfortable.

S, is a letter that stands for “Space”.
She knows how to lend you some of it,
So she expects you to give her more as a return.
She loves to be alone-
away from people and life she has.

A, is a letter which represents the word “Assassin
A lady that kills every pessimistic vibes,

superb in murdering your good side.
She enjoys killing your high dreams,
and reborn it with realisms.

R is for the term for “Reserved
She’s so distant to people she doesn’t like.
Easy for her to unfriend anyone

But not to let go remembrance.

She has the ability to catch one up,
But people find it hard to catch her whole.

And the last A is for the word “Ally
She loves to be a backup on your battle,

A partner in crime, or a fellow angel.
She knows how to deal with people;
and negotiations,
whether it is legit or illegal.

Love left her dry, and plain.
Her love was deep within her heart,
She once spilled it out, until its last drop.
Her edgy point of views
will serve as her appeal to everyone:
Enormously sexy mysteries on her dark personality.