I can barely remember the days you appreciated life.

When days were the brightest and gay, when life rates at five.

I slightly recall you share compliments with others,

or motivate anybody that their wings can soar up higher.

I can’t even asked one about my memory

My memory fails, just like my expectations.

Reality? All those things never happened.

Sadly say, you never became like this.

And I don’t wanna be like you.


One day, you told me that I can do nothing

Go to no places someday.

You said that my body cant be like Superman

or wonder woman, or any heroes with superablities,

I cant be like a magician, performing and making people amazed and stunned

And make people believe that life is full of surprises.

But I guess you were right after all,

For I am a hero for myself.

Unlike you, forcing your own to be as strong as them

Pretending you can do more and compete with smalls.



When people recognized my flair

You were present, too.

But not to congratulate for the gifts He had for me,

You were there to make a shout-Louder

You screamed that I am still nothing.

And compared me to a parasite, living and depending.

I am struck by your actions

I became sorry for this have had to happen. 


The time I let my wings flew from beneath the storm

Ready to face the world with unpredictable,

Play with challenges and win the life I wanted.

But then you suddenly pull me under,

put a string on my foot, let me tied till I cant feel any fire.

You let me down so that you could move up.



When love arrived in me,

It felt nothing but very different and weird

It felt wonderfully strange,

I caught myself smiling, and my heart trembling.

But you forbade us to have this feeling!

You let our hearts break into two, separate us from love we treasure.

Because you don’t know love!

Love is liberty, and kind, and free.

Love is beautiful…

And you will never feel like this,

I don’t want to be like you.