“Everything is a result of every man’s decision. It is all a matter of ‘Choice’. Whether things are getting better or worse, blame no one but yourself”.


I am always thinking of what would happen if ever I made things that I wanted, and not people’s choice. What would happen if I made my decisions for myself? What might happened if I did things on my own? What if I trusted no one? I friended none? What if I chose to close my heart from the very start? Would it be different? Would it be better?


Questions that made me regretful, and situations that I took for granted are the things that keeps my mind unrest.


If I ran away from you and go to places for myself, and see things alone, would it be different? Maybe hurt won’t come. Maybe tears won’t slide, heart won’t be as shattered as this. Trust won’t fade…


Love won’t be bad.


What if I breathe and lived for myself not for people around me? What if I didn’t meddled anyone? What if I never hung on to people and just let myself do everything on my own? Maybe imperfections would be meaningless for me, plans would be smooth sailing; and failures wouldn’t be around. Trust perhaps won’t fade…


Love won’t be worse.


What if I never let people loved me? What do you think would happen if I never let myself be strong for somebody, never adjust myself for them? What if I never built dreams with them, with him? Maybe I won’t be this anxious as this, maybe I am strong and firm as I was, and not feeling being left out, memories were not conquering my mind that results of being sorry.


If I could turn back time,


Maybe love is still alive.