You have your own intelligence
Use it for good-avoid wickedness.
Just stay away from exposure
it may break your values,
Better to keep your mysteriousness.

You have your own physique
Manipulate it for fairness,
Do not be blind by pride
more to humble yourself,
keep your energy for purpose
Stand firm but not obvious.

You are an orator
Speak with truth; conform the reality
You can talk to many, but state few.
Do not share thoughts completely-
Speak less, speak no more if it must to.

You have your own ways
It’s up to them how they’ll ingest.
People’s differences can make things worse
Do what you think is right,

do it for yourself not for others.

You have your own powers
You can make things be magical,
Got the guts to foresee future.
You can build your own world
Bad things? You can make it all proper.

Truly, you can do everything alone.
Be an independent individual
If you can, then be it.
Force no more to seek others to help you…

They’re just there for themselves’ intention, and not for your favor.

It’s time to make things on your own.