I know you from bottom to the top

The way you think

how easy for you to adapt

Your bright smiles,

and silhouette behind that.



I know how you feel from morning till night

How you digest the words,

how it all impact.

Yet, I act like everything’s a question mark

It’s because I want you to keep that mysterious type of plaque



I know your story from 1st page and up

You owned the best author because your story suits reality

The stars in the casts are better than in TV

I guess because God directed your uncut teleseryè.



I know you know me too

from the 1st coffee we have had,

until the hardest alcoholic drink we shared together.

You know skies may not always be brighter,

Still you choose not to surrender

My relationship with you will be my forever.



The day you said you are leaving,

Different emotions inside me mixed in.

Our friendship that used to be so near

Will be going far from where we begin.




My love for you will remain

I know that you will be the same

Till we meet someday, until our ways will cross again.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset