Dear You,

    First, doing this is not my thing. Maybe because I never got a chance to be with someone before- until you came. I am very happy to be as mess and shit as I am, until you came.

    Second, I thought creating a longer message than the usual makes no sense and just a waste of effort and time, until you came. Leaving a goodnight message sounds so eww, but not, until you came.

You came.

Came and entered. And every meaningless things become so opposite from what I believed.

You changed my perspective. But oh, I am wrong. I must say YOU become my new perspective. Another good view. You created another interesting view in my life. You opened another door and let the lightness fill the other side of me.

And I am proud to say that, Third, I am now doing this because I want you to remain. I want you to feel at home, to sit and stay. Feel comfortable with the sunshine-as you let them enter into mine. As you feel its rays, as it fills the empty room and made it even brighter than before, I want you to keep as where you are. ….


In my heart with your rays-love rays.

And as your love strikes, it travels deeper in my heart and reflects to my lips as I smile each day. Love enters, as you continuously walk towards the room, where I am in, where I am with no one. A room for my own. A lodge I maintained as secure and safe. A place called Heart. My heart.

Feels so so so good that fourth, I am not scared at all. I am taking risks to keep that place open, for you. The sunshine hopefully won’t go away. Rains and nights will pass, together with strong wind that is enough to ruin some sort of things but I,

I will take the risk.

I’ll remain open the door. Yes, I will never close the door. And if you want to leave, for a while, or for good, it won’t matter. I will let the door hang, as you taught me how to welcome you, as I let you open it. As my heart learns to do what it is must to do….

To love-


Goodnight, my love.

Expecting a ring someday,

Ms. Assuming