..and conquer the world with black and white.

Woman, cover your face with a mask. Don’t let your smile be shown to anyone. They will just want to take it, and the only thing that will be left to you is frown.   Zip your mouth. Shut it... Continue Reading →


Let's find a way back

Fill the place with mirrors. From wall to wall, with big sizes, so that when he enters, you will see his smile in different angles.

Since the time you came, my bed becomes over occupied. My pillows are now not enough. You have more spaces than I have. And it is hot. With your arms around me all night, I guess it triggers my claustrophobia.... Continue Reading →


It started with a hum I heard your small voice coming from your sweet lips I heard your pain and your agony I knew that song as well. I observed you put your earphones on your ear, you closed your... Continue Reading →

To the one who always see my worth,

    Hi, I don’t quite talk too much to stranger because I don’t think it’s a good thing to do but I wanted to say something. It is about you, my stranger, who turned out to be Continue Reading →

Wicked Destiny

He is a king, while she is a tireless adventurer. His job is to be a mighty ruler, and she’s devoted to be a lawbreaker. He enters in different competitions; she never had an interest in rivalries.   He guarantees... Continue Reading →


Days for you are same as cold as nights Feet forgot to walk; laid in decades. Doors were closed for years; Eyes were fastened. Flames never felt for so long. Heart never beats for love. Hands never held a pen.... Continue Reading →

Everyone can be a hero and can save others and himself at the same time...

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